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"why do you like k-pop so much?"

Kinda gonna summarize this beacause I get asked this a lot:

My interest and roots started in Jpop - and while Jpop has kind of fizzled out for me, it still holds a place in my heart. One thing about me is that when I buy something internationally like Jpop CDs, DVDs, Kpop- I never ever, ever trade or sell any of these items. I am not a collector to have every single CD out there (unless you're SNSD), I buy what I like and enjoy.

Music is really important to me. I'm someone who uses intuition a lot (must be the industry I work in lol) so most times, I can listen to music without knowing its meaning and still enjoy it as any other. I'm not going to single out Kpop here but I pretty much listen to everything that has a good beat or emotional vibe. I've delved into a lot of European dance music, Japanese New Age, went as far as Russia, India, Latin American... I can name a few artists from other countries whom I love. It just so happens that in the Korean music industry, a mass amount of a certain trend I tend to enjoy happens to be there. A lot.

And with Kpop, it's never just about the music. It's the way the whole product (yes, these are products and there's no sense in denying that they aren't) is packaged. I don't mean to sound elitist about SM, YG, or JYP but they tend to have a better production process for their artists (I'm talking about physical packaging, design, branding, post production, editing, etc - in terms of music, I know nothing of production there lol). You see one thing about the artist and the story, character, and charisma is told through different channels. There is a consistency with the artists and what kind of image they try to portray. Even with the idols themselves, they all have some kind of persona. And to me, that's interesting. From a design standpoint, I like seeing things that are cohesive throughout a piece. I like seeing a brand tell its message and story in different contexts. It's not just "slapping the logo" on any box and calling it SHINee World III, even the word SHINee itself is kind of catchy and cute.

I have a great appreciation for these efforts. Sure, these branding/marketing styles in kpop aren't really "great" design. I don't consider them phenomenal by any means - but it's the effort to go out and find a specific photographer with a certain style, or an art director referencing a certain "look" and don't even get me started on how there is a photobook nicely provided in every mini album or single. There is a time when I wish I could work on projects like these, developing the whole 'look' from start to finish, and directing a production that has a lot to do with the branding and music that go behind it.

Kpop can be enjoyed holistically.

It's not perfect by any means. But like I said, there are a lot of moving pieces that fit together nicely at the end of the day, within Kpop :)